Megan Davis

About Me!

I am Megan Davis. I was born and raised in Grand Junction, Colorado. I grew up in the mountains, fishing, camping, four-wheeling, and roasting marshmallows by the fire. I used to love to get the Indian paint flowers and paint my face and splash around the the creek with my sister. Very fun days, I really love nature. I am a mom of a beautiful baby boy, he is 2 years old. I am very family oriented. I love hanging out with my son, my aunts, mom, and grandparents. We all love to get together and have family night, play the Wii, play board games, and just enjoy each others company.  I love going with my grandpa to car shows, my son also shares my love for classic muscle cars and trucks. If you attend a car show in the valley, you bet you'll find me there! 

Loves: Classic Cars, dogs, dogs, and more dogs! Chilly mornings with a cup of coffee, sitting in the mountains and relaxing while listening to nature. Bubble baths, Make up, & pretty nails! 

I have always believed in love, and weddings have always been my passion. Every since I was a little girl, I used to have a notebook filled with fashion designs, mostly wedding dresses! It's a great skill to be creative, and have an eye for designs and detail. Weddings is where I can really put it to use, helping brides and grooms design their wedding day. I love creating a beautiful atmosphere for their wedding! A wedding everyone is sure to remember, the love, the flawless designs, and of course how beautiful the bride looks on her big day. 

It is truly my passion to design and plan weddings. I love to be organized, and I am a very down to earth, relaxed person. Having a planner that is organized, creative, optimistic, and down to earth, really brings the fun and excitement to the wedding planning process. After all, weddings are all about happiness, bringing everyone together, and celebrating. Using my professional wedding planning skills, your day will be perfect, and I will perfectly organize it from start to finish. 

When you have a passion for something, and turn it into a career, It is a dream come true. 

My little one and I!
My little one and I!